Occupational Medicine

Occupational Medicine- Better Employee Health equals Increased Productivity

Workplace Immunisation Program

We provide on-site immunisation in your workplace or in our practice in the Hyperdome Shopping Centre. This flexibility allows for workers who may be absent on the day of the immunisation clinic.

You may ask, “Why vaccinate your workers?”

Here are 3 good reasons:

Each year the Influenza Virus is reponsible for approximately 1 500 000 lost work days, 2 500 deaths, 300 000 GP visits and 18000 hospitalisations.

10% of all workplace absenteeism associated with illness is related to influenza.

Individuals who present at work still affected by the virus have reduced reaction response time by 20 to 40%. This means errors and workplace injuries.

Free Vaccination Quote

Please contact us by email if you would like a quote for workplace immunisation.

For more information on the influenza virus or vaccination see our health info page.

Injury Management

Our experienced team of doctors have assisted many employees across a broad spectrum of industries return to work safely and timely. We have also worked with a number of organisations in the process of treatment, recovery and return to work after a workplace injury. These include Workcover Qld, Toll Group, Wesfarmers Ltd, Woolworths Ltd, Westpac and the Dust Diseases Board.

It is well known that loss of work has devastating effects on the individual, the family, and the community. Research shows that being out of work for extended periods of time is bad for a person’s health. The longer someone spends away from work, the less likely they will ever return. Yet despite good intentions, the available evidence suggests that Australian return to work outcomes are showing little improvement and are in fact moving backwards.

At Logan Hyperdome Doctors we adopt a coordinated approach to help the injured worker return to work by:

  • Communicating return to work options to the patient, including the health consequences of remaining off work,
  • Providing sufficient consultation time to address patient issues and concerns,
  • Advising patients about the natural history of their condition,
  • And being cognisant that a patient’s attitude to their injury or illness has a huge impact on their recovery.

Our Treating practitioners:

  • Recognise that management of a work injury requires management of the injury AND management of the work;
  • Refer to appropriate specialists, including specialist care in management of medical and occupational rehabilitation;
  • Assess and manage common psychosocial factors such as fear or distress;
  • Communicate with the employer if workplace factors seem to be significant influences;
  • Clearly articulate to employers the negative health consequences and poor return to work consequences resulting from delays in treatment.
  • Encourage the worker to expect that they will recover and return to work.
Medical Assessments

In all industries, the health and safety of your employees is integral to the productivity of your business. Logan Hyperdome Doctors offers comprehensive medical assessments which can be tailored to meet the needs of your workplace.

We provide comprehensive medical assessments:

  • Pre-employment and pre-placement for employees and candidates,
  • Periodically and on exit for current employees,
  • For Executive personnel and
  • As per Statutory and code of Practice screening obligations.
Pre-employment Medicals

Employers often ask: “Is it really necessary to go to the trouble and expense of undertaking pre- employment medicals?” The question is easily answered by one word- presenteeism. This is defined as the productivity that is lost when employees come to work but, as a consequence of illness or other medical conditions, are not fully productive.*

Presenteeism cost:

  • $34.1 billion (approximately) to the Australian Economy,
  • 6.5 working days of productivity for every employee every year,
  • and 2.7% of Australia’s GDP.
What is involved in a pre-employment medical?

Pre-employment Medicals usually include the following components:

  • Height, weight, body mass index (BMI)
  • Cardiovascular examination
  • Respiratory examination
  • Vision assessment including colour blindness
  • Musculoskeletal examination (including comprehensive range of movement)
  • Central nervous system examination
  • Physical examination for hernias and other abdominal abnormalities
  • Urinalysis for diabetes or kidney / bladder disorders
  • Audiometry (hearing test)
  • Spirometry (lung function test) Drug and Alcohol screening (laboratory)
Statutory medicals include (but not limited to):

To download the forms required for these please click here and complete the section titled: “Applicant to complete” prior to your doctor’s appointment and bring the forms with you.

*Medibank’s Sick at Work: The cost of presenteeism to your business and the economy.

http://www.medibank.com.au/Client/Documents/Pdfs/sick_at_work.pdf, accessed July 2014