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Yes, we are open on the Logan Ekka Public holiday: Monday 14th August from 8.30 am to 4.00 pm.

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Influenza (flu) is a highly contagious viral infection that spreads easily from person to person through coughing, sneezing and close contact.

Unlike a cold, symptoms such as fever, sore throat and muscle aches develop suddenly with flu and last about a week. In some cases, severe illness and complications such as pneumonia and bronchitis can develop, which can result in hospitalisation and even death. The flu can also make some existing medical conditions worse.

The flu virus can be especially dangerous for elderly people, pregnant women, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and very young children, as well as for people with underlying medical conditions.


Three different types of influenza viruses infect humans: influenza A, B and C. Only influenza A and B cause major outbreaks and severe disease, and these types are included in seasonal influenza vaccines. Influenza spreads from person to person through the air by coughing or sneezing, or by direct contact with the virus on hard surfaces or people’s hands. The flu usually differs from a cold as symptoms develop suddenly, and can lead to complications such as chest infections and pneumonia – particularly among the elderly and young children.


Flu symptoms tend to develop abruptly one to three days after infection, and can include: tiredness, high fever, chills, headache, coughing, sneezing, runny noses, poor appetite, and muscle aches. Most people who get the flu will suffer from mild illness and will recover in around four weeks. However, some people can develop more severe health problems, including pneumonia, bronchitis, chest and sinus infections, heart, blood system or liver complications, which can lead to hospitalisation and even death.


Annual vaccination is the best way of preventing the flu and any associated illness.

You should get the flu shot every year because the flu virus is constantly changing. Every year, the flu vaccine changes too, so it protects against the flu strains which are most likely to be around during that winter.

There is now evidence that the effectiveness of the influenza vaccine wanes over time and its important be protected when the flu is most common, around August. Ask your doctor for advice on the best time to receive your vaccination.

National Immunisation Program 2017 seasonal flu shot

The 2017 flu shot will be available in April from GP surgeries and other immunisation providers.

The flu vaccine is recommended for everyone from six months of age, but is available free under the National Immunisation Program for people who face a high risk from influenza and its complications. These are:

To receive your influenza vaccination, visit your local doctor or immunisation provider. It is important to note that while the vaccine is free, a consultation fee may apply.

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Dr Susie Evans returns to Australia

Dr Susie Evans is an experienced UK trained GP who has recently moved to Australia from England with her young family. As part of her medical training Susie worked at Logan Hospital for a year and now, many years later, has returned to join the team at Logan Hyperdome Doctors.

Susie has a special interest in paediatrics, women’s health and medicine for the elderly.

Susie is available on Mondays and Wednesdays 8.45am to 5.30pm, Tuesdays 8.45am to 2.45pm and alternate Fridays from 8.45am to 2.45pm and alternate Saturdays 8.30am to 12.30pm.

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Congratulations to the Dr Carl de Wet and his team for publishing yet another paper.

Dr Carl de Wet and his team aimed to increase the documented rate of pneumococcal vaccination (PV) of patients at least 65 years old and with one or more additional risk factors in a general practice setting. The findings were published in the Journal of Clinical Audits. Click here to access the paper.

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We listened to you…… and we are improving our patient care

At Logan Hyperdome Doctors we carried out a patient survey (the Practice Accreditation and Improvement Survey) and asked for your honest opinions on the service we provide. We listened to your concerns and have taken the following actions in order to make the improvements to patient care where you feel it would be most useful.

Waiting time in surgery- we routinely inform you on arrival if your doctor is running late, we invite you to call the practice to ask if your doctor is on time or not, we are encouraging patients to book a long consultation when their medical concern is complicated and /or numerous.

Telephone access to a clinician- this can be a source of frustration. We promptly put your call through to your Doctor when it is an emergency. However, all other requests are immediately sent to the doctor via our medical software messaging system and the message is electronically documented in your patient chart. Your doctor will review his/her messages throughout the day and you will have a response  within 48 hours.

Obtaining a home/other visit- some of our doctors will provide home visits to patients with special needs. Please see reception staff to arrange this.

After hours service- the National Home Doctor Service provides after hour care to our patients from 6.00pm weekdays, from 12.00pm on Saturdays and all day Sundays and public holidays. Please ring 13 74 25 for an appointment and let them know you belong to our practice, you can also book online on their website as per the link below.


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Open on Labour Day Monday May 2nd

We are open from 9.30am to 2.00pm on Monday 2nd May.

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Dr Moss now available from 7.00am every Monday

We now have 2 doctors available early on a Monday.

Dr Seb Moss (as well as Dr Beiraghi) will be available from 7:00 am every Monday morning.Please ring 3806 0077 if you require an appointment.

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Hyperdome Doctors welcomes Dr Seb Moss

Hi, I am a UK trained GP just arrived in Australia and I’m enjoying learning all about the local community and the Australian health system. I aim to provide world class medical care for all my patients and I believe that starts with not just getting the diagnosis right but also understanding my patient’s point of view, so we can agree a treatment plan which suits the individual. I am working full time and available for new and existing patients.

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Female GP from the UK joins Hyperdome Doctors

We welcome Dr Emma Cowens to our practice. Dr Cowens graduated from Newcastle University in England’s north east and has been working in Australia since 2012.

Dr Cowens has special interests in Womens’ Health, Paediatrics and Emergency Medicine and will be working full time at Hyperdome Doctors.

All new patients are welcome.


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Vacci Date App

Track your family vaccinations with the Vacci Date App.

VacciDate is a tool to help you manage your child’s vaccination schedule in Queensland for children up to 4 years of age enabling you to:

  • enter a profile for each child in your family
  • enter appointment dates for vaccinations
  • receive reminders at one month, one week, one day and one hour before the next vaccination is due or next appointment is scheduled, and
  • store a record of vaccinations received for each child

The VacciDate can send appointment information to your personal calendar and provides access to the VacciDate website containing information about vaccinations.

Go to

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